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Coach House Pianos

November 2020

UK piano supplier Coach House Pianos has opened a new showroom in London 

The showroom is located in the Art Deco-style Talisman Building on New King’s Road in the Chelsea Design Quarter, southwest London. . . . . . . . . The showroom interior has been designed by Ken Bolan, antiques dealer and founder of Talisman. When the  >> READ MORE

Ken Bolan Studion Antiques Trade Gazette
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December 2020

Talisman boss sets up new business in Wiltshire


Wiltshire shop marks return to the spotlight for Talisman boss but in a more relaxed mood.After 18 months out of the spotlight dealer Ken Bolan has returned with a new Wiltshire shop and big plans for  >> READ MORE

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January 2021

Reintroducing Ken Bolan: Life after Talisman


Ken Bolan is a man of many stories. There was that time he flew a van of antiques to Switzerland and almost had to cut the top off it when it wouldn’t fit on the plane; the time he had a run-in with an enthusiastic customer who turned out to be an immigration officer; and the time his showroom flooded the day before its grand opening. “I won’t tell you about crashing an aeroplane,” he says casually, “or being held up by three masked men in a house in central London – not my own…”  >> READ MORE