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Introducing the Courtyard

Four months ago, looking out of the rear entrance of the studio, I started thinking a courtyard would suit the space, so I called up Simon Pitman, our neighbour, who has great digging machines, and we started to dig.

Jules Gray, with the help of Shane Coombs, plus enormous help from Chris Duck and his team, Nick Malden, and far too many other talented people to mention, we created the new courtyard.

Check out the video from start to finish

After completing this wonderful space, came the time to adorn it and assemble the wonderful garden pieces amassed over the last couple of years.

The courtyard is filled with stunning statuary from Blashfield to Pulham, beautiful 19th century seating and impressive urns. Central to the courtyard is a 19th century marble fountain. The waterlilies have been sourced and very much looking forward to watching this space mature.

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