A framed black and white photograph made of gelatin silver titled 'Circus People' by Irving Penn, 1947. Stickered to the rear by art galleries, Keith de Lellis and Andre Emmerich, both in New York. 


Irving Penn (1917-2009) was one of the 20th century's great photographers. His fashion and beauty photographs appeared regularly in Vogue Magazine. He also produced advertising photography for Issey Miyake, who he was good friends with. Penn was one of the first photographers to photograph his subjects against a simple white or grey background. He experimented with printing on different surfaces such as aluminium with platinum emulsion finishes, inspired by a creative painting background. 

The gelatin silver process is still used to this day in black and white photographic prints but became less popular when colour and digital photography came in the 1960s.  

A Gelatin Silver Photograph titled 'Circus People' by Irving Penn, 1947

  • Height: 60.0cm
    Width: 49.0cm