A Maitland Smith designed exotic Sphinx side table in tessellated marble and coconut shell decorated with brass banding, featuring inset malachite eyes and a tarnished brass tail, feet and beard. The table is complete with a custom circular glass top attached with a tarnished brass disc, circa 1970s.


Maitland Smith was established in 1979. They used highly skilled artisans and quality raw materials to create decorative accessories and furniture inspired by eighteenth century designs. The company moved to the Philippines in 1981. They introduced the use of unusual materials such as rattan, stone mosaic, coconut shell inlay, faux tortoiseshell, pen shell inlay, mother of pearl, faux malachite, fossil stone amongst many others paying meticulous detail to quality and details.

A Maitland Smith Exotic Sphinx Sculptural Table 1970s

  • Height: 45.5cm (17.9 in) 
    Width: 91.5cm (36.0 in) 
    Depth: 30.5cm (12.0 in)

    circular glass top diameter: 46.0cm