A pair of 19th century terracotta pedestals surmounted with laurel wreaths, probably by Blashfield, unsigned, circa 1850.


John Marriott Blashfield (1811-1882) was a mosaic floor and terracotta manufacturer in the 19th century. His early career saw him working for cement makers, Wyatt, Parker & Co of Millwall, which he took over in 1846 and during this time he became interested in terracotta. Many of his terracotta ornamentation can be seen on buildings across the UK. In the 1940s he started to produce terracotta sculptures and as the materials popularity grew, Blashfield moved into the market making urns, garden furniture and sculptures which resulted in moving the company to Stamford and renaming the company Stamford Terracotta Company.

A Pair of 19th Century Terracotta Pedestals probably by Blashfield circa 1850