An exceptional mirror with sculpted and patinated steel parrot relief scene by Michel Zadounaïsky circa 1930 signed


Michel Zadounaïsky (1903-1983) was Russian born and French raised. He attended the Beaux-Arts de Lyon when he was 16, however he quit after a year and apprenticed with chandelier makers to learn the trade of blacksmithing. 
It was during the 1920s, Zadounaïsky developed his style of curves and intricate lacework as well as his heavy interest in animals which can be seen in many of his works. He became an expressive voice of the French Art Deco scene due to his unique designs and superb craftsmanship, that the French elite commissioned him for works.

A Sculptural Wall Mirror by Michel Zadounaïsky, circa 1930

  • Height: 110.0cm
    Width: 93.0cm
    Depth: 3.5cm