A Superb Swedish Rococo cartel clock complete with wall bracket. Both decorated in original paint and traces of gilding. The cartouche shaped frame is carved with foliage and surrounds the glassware to the front and sides housing the pendulum. The clock is topped with an urn of flowers and ribbonwork  The clockface has pierced brass handles and shows the minutes and hours in royal blue Roman numerals, the painted clockface is signed 'Petter Ernst. Stockholm', circa 1760.


Petter Ernst (1714-1784) was one of Sweden's leading clockmakers ranging from grandfather clocks to pocket watches. He had a reputation that saw him commissioned to make clocks and time pieces for public spaces across Stockholm, including astronomical instruments. 


A Superb Swedish Rococo Cartel Clock with Bracket circa 1760

  • Height: 97.0cm (38.2 in) 
    Width: 42.0cm (16.5 in) 
    Depth: 19.0cm (7.5 in)