An Italian Bronze Dancing Fawn cast in Naples in the late 19th Century. Cast 'After the Antique' and by the  foundry 'Chiurazzi Naples'. It also has its tail, fingers and appendages, which are commonly missing or damaged.


The original Dancing Fawn was considered to be one of the greatest bronzes found at Pompeii in 1830, at what is now known as the House of the Faun. In the 1860s, permits for taking a mould from the statue were granted to various individuals and institutions. These reproductions were often reduced in size for tourists.


Chiurazzi Foundry was established in 1870 and quickly built up a rich collection of moulds. Their bronzes could be made in three sizes and in three colourways. The foundries replicas were so well finished, they can be found all over the world in homes, museums and they even have their copy of the Dancing Fawn in the House of The Faun, Pompeii, to show travellers where the original would have been displayed.

19th Century 'After the Antique' bronze Dancing Fawn

  • Height: 79.0cm 
    Width: 26.0cm 
    Depth: 28.0cm