An early 1900 Century Swedish Gustavian barrel-back upholstered and wood sofa in original paint, featuring elegant floral and scroll carving. This antique sofa from Sweden has an elegantly arched back with carved floral accents at the centre. 
The barrel style gives the piece a comforting style, neatly raised on eight fluted legs which gentle taper towards the feet, this stylish sofa will sit well within a variety of interiors.

Swedish Gustavian furniture is a pared down version of French Louis XVI. It was invented by Sweden’s, King Gustav III in the late 18th Century during what is known as the Gustavian era, which covers Swedish history from 1772 through 1809 under the rule of Kings Gustav III, Gustav IV and King Charles XIII of Sweden.

Gustav was a well-travelled connoisseur and was undoubtedly impressed by the splendour of the palace of Versailles. Also keen on French literature, design and creativity which took him to Paris, after his return to Sweden he decided to introduce his home to the glamour of French interior, and he started with his own palaces. He adapted the design so they would sit well with Scandinavian sensibilities.

Many refer to the style as Swedish Country Classic, but to most Scandinavians it is a bit more than that which is down to the elegant, pastel coloured and delicately carved details that define these beautiful pieces.

The style soon became a high bohemian version for the Swedish castles of the 18th and 19th Centuries however the beauty of Gustavian is that it oozes charm wherever it features: whether it is in a castle or a cottage.

Condition: In excellent condition bar a light water stain on the fabric

Late Gustavian Barrel-Back Upholstered Swedish Sofa from the Early 19th Century

  • Height: 96.5cm
    Width: 203.0cm
    Depth: 72.0cm