A pair of seated bronze pointer dogs, after Alfred Jacquemart. The originals were cast iron and like these, bear the foundry stamp 'A Durenne Sommevoire'


Henri Alfred Jacquemart (1824-1896) was a French sculptor and one of the leading 'animalier' figures of his day. He entered the School of Beaux Arts in 1845 and began exhibiting soon after at the Paris Salon between 1847 and 1877. 

He produced a considerable number of public works for fountains across Paris. Jacquemart's works were either cast in bronze or cast iron. His bronze works tended to be small desk size ornaments and his lifesize works were generally in cast iron. He did a great deal of work with Val D'Osne Foundry as well as Antoine Durenne who also studied at the Beaux Arts around the same time as Jacquemart.


Antoine Durenne purchased his foundry under the same name in 1847 in Sommevoire. Many of his casts can be seen in public parks and gardens and range from ornamental ironwork to over-lifesize animalia. 

Pair of Bronze Seated Pointers After Alfred Jacquemart

  • Height: 96.5cm (38.0 in) 
    Width: 35.5cm (14.0 in) 
    Depth: 63.5cm (25.0 in)