An acid etched six door brass cabinet designed by Bernhard Rohne for Mastercraft USA 1970s.


Mastercraft is synonymous with high style and high society living from mid to late 20th century. The American based company created furniture of all categories with a signature standard of quality in exceptional bronzes, exotic woods and veneers. They took inspiration from European Classical styles, Asian Modern interpretations and combined these pieces with chic modern American glamour and elegance. 

The attention to detail on each design is exceptional. As the pieces age, the metalwork patinas become further enhanced, continually improving the finish and appearance. In addition to their solid metalwork, they crafted beautiful pieces with expert acid etching and oxidised metalwork with craftsman Bernhard Rohne throughout the 1970s. 


Two available

Stunning Acid Etched Cabinet by Bernard Rohne for Mastercraft, USA 1970s

  • Height: 76.0cm
    Width: 200.0cm
    Depth: 54.0cm