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The Talisman Building

After 14 years of occupying the Talisman Building, I am understandably attached to this lovely modernist design. When my company purchased it back in 2006, it was due for demolition, so it was a proud moment in my life when I managed to have restored, and saved it for others to enjoy.

When Nick Rustling, founder of Coach House Piano, approached me with a view to make it their prime London showroom, I was delighted. The surprise was that Nick entrusted the design of the interior to me, and asked if I could use some of my stock and expertise to furnish the showroom. He felt my objects and art would compliment his pianos, and I agree.

To that end I asked my good friends Charlie Wallrock of Wick Antiques, and Adam Fileman of Fileman Antiques, to join me to help curate the what I am calling The London Collection, which can be viewed below. 

Coach House Pianos can be contacted here, please check opening times. 


The London Collection

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